Mrs. AMcC

After running around in agony due to a debilitating pelvic pain that has been going on for more than 6 years, I found Dr Vyawahare. I have a complex medical history. With Preliminary diagnosis of pudendal neuralgia, I was eventually suffered with vulvodynia, endometriosis, clitoral pain, weak pelvic floor and pelvic congestion. Before the visit, I was sent a detailed questionnaire to evaluate my condition. The visit lasted for an adequate time, because Dr Vyawahare wanted to understand my condition in detail. She was very reassuring and explained to me the options for a further treatments and medications. She answered all my questions, gave me TENS machine to try for my pain, and undergone two procedures with total 8 injections, during which my overall experience has been one of feeling cared for by a professional who has provided me real empathy. During my two recent procedures provided me an environment of being able to feel relaxed, feel secure and with little anxiety. How lucky we are to have professionals such as Dr Vyawahare.

Mrs BT

I was treated today for pudendal nerve neuralgia by Dr.Bharati Vyawahare. This was my second pudendal nerve block. My first was last Jan 2020 initially I had a great response to it after about 5/6 weeks but due to COVID and change in work environment I had a flare but this was because of a much heavier workload. Once I reverted back to my usual work environment. Although the neuralgia is still there, it is substantially improved compared to when the problem started . The procedure isn’t unpleasant and this is helped I feel by the calm personality, the clear instructions given. And this has been the case each time I have been for all my other appts over the past four years. I would highly recommend her and as far as it relates to me I feel the pudendal nerve block has been a success so here’s hoping the second one is even more effective.

Mrs J

After over 3 years of going from multiple consultants and specialties, I was finally managed to get information about this doctor. I asked my GP to refer to Dr Vyawahare. My case was difficult, as it seemed long bouts of chronic pains were connected to nerve issues from a operation. After a long waiting period (she is extremely sought after and I can see why), last year I travelled from the south to Manchester.

There are not enough wonderful things I can say about Dr. Vyawahare. She made me feel at ease since begining. She actually listened with compassion and empathy. She is friendly, professional and personable. I was in tears from my pain, apathy, frustration, and her kindness made me smile. She really care about the patient’s ‘whole health’ aspect, not just pain. She listened to the fact that I did not wish to take certain routes, or that some had failed.

We discussed alternative therapies, and possible new things I'd read about - and did not in any way make me feel silly for doing so. She is an organised, resourceful, highly skilled, and knowledgeable consultant who cut through any 'hype' and got right to viable solutions. Dr Vyawahare devised a strategy to cure and manage my pain. I absolutely respected the fact that she didn't do anything unwanted.

My pain is almost gone and I am living my new life. The face of medicine is changing and Dr Vyawahare is leading of this trend. Dealing with chronic pain is a task in itself but having a Dr who listens and cares make a huge difference. Thank you Dr. Vyawahare I’m so glad I have found you. Ten stars.